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Well that is another week completed. After R1 which went very well I did not know what to expect the last 2 runs. Wednesday was ok after the usual calves burn for 10 mins. I settled into a rhythm and finished the run. Today`s run went well except I had a splitting headache I am convinced caused by dehydration.

Only one more week to go before the course is completed(-: I am sure W9 is more a mental approach than running 30 mins. What I mean is by now we have done 4 x 25 min runs, 3 x 28 min runs. To be honest if you completed W8 then 2 more mins running for W9 is really achievable.

At the start of c25k the target was to run 30 mins and even I still think can I run 30 mins,well I am sure I can having just run 3 x 28 mins. I think once that mental 30 min barrier is broken then you can go on to do whatever you choose as far as running is concerned.

Well that is my theory(-: I will let you know come Monday after my 1st run

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You can run the 30, you will and other than trying to be Usain Bolt, I think you’re so right - you can choose to run as far and as fast as you like... that’s the joy of completion if C25K, it gives you choices you never realised you had....


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