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Treadmill? Or outside

Does anyone else experience a sort of feeling of your body still going when u step off treadmill it’s kind of like motion sickness but no so bad , it’s beginning to put me off running on it and just sticking to running outside

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I would imagine that it is not uncommon.

I would also imagine a whole load of people are going to say, just run outdoors...........


Would love to run outside but since clocks have gone back I’m not gonna run in the dark !!😬😬


Yeah normal for me too! I actually find treadmill boring but necessary in between outdoors!!


Thanks polly not always possible to run outside is it


No, it really isn’t...I’m not confident on my own at night so am having to combine the two, prefer outdoors and the fresh air and countryside, but needs must for the winter months. Weekends will be precious.


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