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Graduated! Yay!! Now what?!?

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Hello! It was very dark and chilly this morning but I finished my final run and, according to Mr Smooth, I've graduated!! Yay!! Very impressed with myself as I struggled to run for 3 minutes at the beginning.

So, what now? My pace is pretty slow so I'm wondering whether I try to run a bit faster but sticking to 30 minutes OR do I stay on pace and run for the full 5k instead? Or can I do a mixture of both? Say a fast 20 minute run followed by a longer weekend run?

Feeling a bit lost without the structure of the programme...

Thanks for all the support everyone!

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Congratulations for graduating! Just get out and enjoy your runs over the next few weeks. Get your running legs used to running for 30 minutes, but mix it up with some shorter runs if you want. You can then decide what you want to do - most of us don't manage 5k in 30 minutes so that tends to be the next goal but don't rush things.

If you want structure there are the C25k+ podcasts you can use as well.

You can then decide what you want to do, whether to work on speed or distance (I don't think it is recommended to do both at the same time but I may be wrong).

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hyoungGraduate in reply to SC1472

Thank you - I'll keep going with the slow 30 minute runs for now.

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Consolidate your 30 min runs, then go for full 5Km, but take your time, you are not rushing anywhere ;)

Once you are comfy in that zone you may get some ideas about going up to 10K by applying a 10% rule. Simply run two 5K runs and your third weekly run increase by 10% of the overall weekly distance. For example - first week you run for 15K, the week after you increase it by 10% and your long run will be 6.5K, etc. You will get to 10K in no time.

You may want to use training pace calculator to spice it up a bit:

But, no matter what you do, do not rush. Increased speed comes with stamina and that comes with time. Early speed increase comes with injuries and they come immediately.

Choices, choices ;)

Congratulations Runner!

You can do whatever you want now!

As you suggest it's probably a good idea to consolidate the 30mins runs but you can certainly alternate with trying for 5k or doing a shorter run.

How about your local Parkrun, that's a great place to try 5k, it doesn't matter if you walk some of it, others do, you certainly won't come last.

Well done Graduate ... good luck with your future runs!

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