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Wk 7 run 2

After a night out with wine I wasn't excited for today's run which was to start an hour earlier than I'd anticipated with the other 0-5k group, this resulted in me quickly getting up dressed and berocca'd and waiting in the car for others to arrive wondering what fresh hell awaited me. To cut a long story short I did it!!!! I faltered at around 2 mins, 8 mins and 20 minutes and my run leader was making me do calculations / times tables in my head to get through the heavy legs at 20 minutes , but it worked.

I really am slower than a snail ploughing through treacle but I'm doing it 💪🏃‍♀️😁

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Well done that's fantastic! had too much wine last night as well. I am thanking my lucky stars that today is not my running day!

Snails are are great!

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Snails rock.. well done you!

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