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Body changes, stronger feet?

Am I imagining it, or are my leg tendons getting stronger and bouncier?

I was just dancing around the kitchen doing a simple little dance as follows:

* stand on the ball of one foot with the heel about three inches off the ground, knee slightly bent; then

* bounce the heel down so that it's just about to touch (but not touching) the ground, then bounce back up again;

* do this twice on one foot, then switch to the other foot, then switch back.

I feel like (after six weeks of c25k) my legs have turned into strong and powerful springs!

I'm also hoping this counts as an adequate anti-shin-splint exercise, because it's similar to standing with my toes on a step's edge and moving up and down, but considerably more fun :)

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You need to pass through the parallel to get the stretch.....hence using a step🤔

But you are having fun so why not but perhaps be careful. Still do the stair exercises though.


Sounds like a plan.. just be careful with the' bounce'.. Exercises like the ones you describe should be done more smoothly and evenly... not really with a bounce...( My Sports Physios advice,, ) :) Apparently it can cause minor tears.. !

Step exercise is good:)


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