Things I've learnt from c25k

How to lace my trainers

That forward progress often involves going sideways or backwards

Going to a Physio isn't being a crybaby

Pilates really is good/essential

There is NOTHING I can yet find out the that is better than the Laura podcasts (or Sarah Millican and I'm willing to try Mr Smooth) - so I may revolve round them forever

Incremental learning is utterly satisfying (I would like other versions: Carnivore to Vegtarianism in 100 Meals - C2V100; and Sleep Through the Night for Adults in 100 nights, 100ZEDS.)

If you vacate the house wearing trainers, sometimes someone else will do the chores

What else? Anyone?


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17 Replies

  • When you find the 100ZEDS can you please let me know? I'd love to try that programme! :)

  • Me too , please 😴😳😩😴

  • I only know Day 1 which is ‘stay awake on the couch until it’s bedtime’! The rest is still murky.

  • Sorry to be off topic but had to share for those interested - Day 2 of 100ZEDS turned out to be ‘take vitamin D3 supplements’ and have slept like a log ever since! (7 nights.) Back on topic - I guess no coincidence that I’ve simultaneously retrieved running mojo. And am twinkling happily round and round Week 6 with Mr Smooth. Oh beautiful 💤

  • Well, after reading Oldfloss ’s post last night I slept like a LOG!! So maybe she should have a hand in this??!!! Now there’s a writer!

  • Thanks MC. So Day 2, read happy forum posts as part of sleep prep.

  • Leggings should always have drawstrings.

  • Brilliant

  • Runners need to double bow their laces.

  • I usually remember to do that after I have to stop to retie my shoes during my run ... it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks....

  • 😂

  • Some runs are rubbish for no reason. And some are brilliant for the same non-existent reason!

  • So true JaySeeSkinny

  • oooh, I did the carnivore to vegetarianism in 100 meals!

    Other incremental learning:

    - idiot to idiot, PhD in <mumble> years

    - couch to 10 chords on guitar

  • I love couch to 10 chords! How long?

  • Oh, it's a quick programme, no risk of injury so you can progress quite fast... the real issue comes after graduating and you find yourself back on the couch with the guitar in the cupboard...

  • Ah - the maintenance challenge! Always the problem - sigh. But on a good note I’ve so enjoyed the banter I just popped out for a run this morning. First one for 11 days. Did a week6, run2, v comfy - included wind, drizzle, interruptive chats w recycling operatives and a friend on a cliff walk. Had plenty of energy all day thereafter. Thanks to all banterers ...

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