Why the hell am I hesitating now over buying the right shoes?!

Why the hell am I hesitating now over buying the right shoes?!

Why am I hesitating over running shoes? Im not hesitating over gait analysis but the thought of spending £100 ish on the righ trainers is bothering me for some stupid reason - Im trying to talk myself out of it. But I know I need them. I think whats bothering me is I was going to spend that on clothes. But Im not happy with myself so the trainers are a better investment right????

Clothes can wait till next month........

Im going for a run tomorrow so will buy them from the shop after gait analysis this time......just seems like a lot of money or is that just me being stupid?


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14 Replies

  • You can still get proper shoes for your gait for less than £100. They start around £50 and go up from there. Its your choice how much you pay

  • Buy. The. Shoes.

    Really, the very best investment in running you can make. The difference when I went from crappy £10 trainers to running with "The Beast" was remarkable.

  • Thought so but it was 4am when I was dithering!! Thanks :)

  • They are so worth the investment, I know it can be hard to part with the cash but think about how much use you will get out of them compared to some clothes you probably won't wear that much. :)

  • Exactly! Thats what Im telling myself! Plus I can get clothes when my self esteem rockets ;)

  • Absolutely!! I totally understand - although as Anonymous36 says you don't need to spend that much - there are some excellent shoes for £50ish - you can go up to several hundred! Its worth every penny though if you're going to keep running - the difference is amazing, and what's more important is that you'll be able to keep running. Unless it turns out that you're blessed with a neutral gait you only have a few weeks before the pains start and you're sidelined :-) After you've put another month or two in then its likely the clothes you'd buy now wouldn't fit anyway ;-) Better to wait and get something gorgeous that'll fit your new shape :-)

  • OK wonderful Im off to get them this afternoon ;)

  • and very well said AmandaW! :D

  • Worst comes to the worst you still have a pair of trainers!

  • I confess that I cheated a bit. I got my gait checked in a sports shop and was on the verge of spending £135 on Asics (1/2 marathon he called them) but something held me back. I would go home and think about it, well I popped into Sports Direct to buy a water bottle and started looking at their running shoes. Same pair, same colour different price £80 what a saving, tried them on, they were perfect. Walk up and down says the chap, you have to be sure that they are right for you, they are going to travel miles. He wasn't wrong either. I love my Asics and will buy another pair exactly the same when these are done, although they don't look hardly used yet.

    So don't buy from the first shop, find the ones you know are right for you then compare prices you may be able to save some money.

    Good luck, it will be money well spent.

  • Get the shoes!

    I ended up running on the edges of my feet in an odd penguin style, as my old trainers rubbed like mad. Had gait analysis done (which is excellent, the bloke in the shop could tell how good my core muscles were just from the vid & told me how to improve weak right knee etc) and bought a fab pair of grey & pink NBs for £85. And I use them sooo much more than a new pair of heels.

    Get the shoes!

  • I had my gait analysis done last week and spent £85 on shoes. Guy in the shop was excellent, and even gave me a quick 'lesson in running on a treadmill, since I'ver only ever run outside! I'm about to start week 8, and for the whole programme so far my thighs have felt as heavy as lead. In the one run I've done so far in the new trainers, heavy feeling totally disappeared. SO much easier!

  • I have the shoes! Asics gel for 65 quid :D Gait analysis showed over-pronation in right foot. Been out for a run this morning - didnt know I had feet! ;)

  • I have a problem deciding what sort of shoes to get - and I know it isn't just me because my brother who is way more of an athlete than me has the same dilemma. We both do a lot of running over rough/muddy ground but also want to be cushioned enough for hard surfaces and roads.

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