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What I've learnt

So, many times I ask 'why me?' or 'how come I don't?'

But what I've learnt is I am the reason for the why me' or the why I don’t. Too often we give away the power that we have and place the blame elsewhere and the reason for this is we (I) don't want to take responsibility for not getting, achieving, receiving what we think we are owed, when in reality nobody owes us anything, remember you get back what you put out.

Now let me be clear there are factors that can contribute to a lot of things but ultimately how much they hinder us is down to us.

My intention is not to lecture anyone, or preach but what I'm getting at is the difference between those who do and those who don't is those that do get on and do, while those who don't, don't.

For things to change. You have to change.

For things to get better. You have to get better.

All the best.

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Wow that's deep thinking for this early in the day! Funnily enough, my husband and I were having a similar discussion yesterday. We have done a lot of stuff in lives we didn't really want to do or wouldn't have chosen to do (jobs, locations, dealing with illness, family stuff etc), but have worked through the tough years and are now in a good place.

Sometimes we just have to stop moaning about what we HAVEN'T got/ CAN'T do and get out there and try to get it/do it!

Sometimes we fail, but then at least then we can moan from a position of authenticity!

Phew. I'm off for a sit down now after all that pontificating!

And yes, I still hate running when I'm actually running, but I love the feeling afterwards and the knowledge that I'm (hopefully) getting fitter and ultimately costing the NHS less!


Thanks for taking the time out to respond. Not my intention to be so deep first thing in the morning but sometimes these things just need to be said at loud, for my benefit as much as anyone else's!

I'm trying to stop with the sometimes and make them into all the time and change the I've failed to I tried and it didn't work.

Take care.


I go to WW most weeks and this is a recurring theme. You'd be surprised at how many folks won't change despite paying to do just that. They say they want to but doing it is another matter entirely

We had a positive thinking test this morning, disguised as something else, so the Leader knows who are positive and the ones who are glass half empty types.

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I think a lot of not blaming the rest of the world comes with age. When you're young you want everything NOW and it takes willpower to make things happen slowly but surely. So those of us with a stubborn streak are at an advantage!


Words of wisdom :)


Nice reflection. I try to live by this & still work hard at things, but I have also learnt that unfortunately you don't always get out what you put in. Life can be unfair & unpredictable. I think the trick is to not always blame yourself if things don 'to go to plan, as long as you have tried hard, & work with what you've got & be thankful for it x


A quote I quite like

"the more I practice the luckier I get"

and another one

"If I always do as I’ve always done, I’ll always get what I always got?"

not quite the same but related


Interesting thought. To some extent I agree that the way we think changes the results. I am sure that two people going through the same situation and by one having a positive attitude, they can have improved outcomes. However, I guess we also need to consider that for those who have had very discouraging upbringings or who might currently have things like medical conditions, poverty, this might be very challenging.

Sp positivity makes a huge difference but it is not a simple issue! Good for u though for thinking about how to get the most out of life, sure this impacts our running. Julie


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