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sluggish today

Today is my 10 min. run with 3 min walk and another 10 min run. I'm happy the weather is beautiful, but I'm struggling with allergies-sinus pressure and pain. Skipping or postponing is not an option because I work 12 hour night shifts the next 3 nights. I am feeling pretty sluggish, but am determined to do this later today. Lunch first. Then some good stretching. One foot in front of the other, right?!

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Yes, one foot in front of the other. Come on nurseljh you can do this, what are you on W6R2, I'm on the same run myself, later this evening, just got in from work ...

Slow and steady wins the day, don't tire yourself out in the first 10 minutes, and don't forget to update us with your progress .... I'd say good luck, but you don't need it, you've got this far ....


yes, I am! I'm determined to get it done!!!! I'll look forward to hearing your success story later! You can do it! We both can!


That is it and slow and steady... go you :)

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I did it! Ran all 10 min. both times. Felt pretty good. I like it when I get to that point where my legs feel sort of numb and I don't think about running and breathing - just looking at nature and listening to music. It was a great day!!!


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