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week 5 - run 2. Is this the week they call the widowmaker?

I'm sure I read that somewhere...

I honestly didn't think I could run 8 minutes, but to do it twice ........ phhhhhaaaaaaaaarrrrrrhhh - that felt good :D

Run 3 might be a bit of a challenge (don't tell me!) as tomorrow is my birthday and by thursday I expect to be suffering from a cake hangover (if such a thing exists). Maybe the extra sugar will help? Here's hoping!!!

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Well done? 💪👍✔️ Just hang in there. Slow but sure is the mantra.

Cake is allowed on your birthday, natch ! 🍰 Not too much mind, you have a job to do 🙂


Haha, widow maker, if they do I can quite believe it.

I’m the same as you. Completed Week 5 run 2 yesterday and still can’t quite believe i’ve managed that. Leaves you really buzzing eh

However, i’ve Just looked at the next run 😳

I certainly wouldn’t be doing it on my birthday. Enjoy your cake and sugar rush 😂


Ah! Great to find someone who is on the same track as me. Good luck for tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you!

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I did the W5r3 yesterday and survived. To be honest it felt good not having to stop and walk and then restart like the W5r2 8mins double whammy. Have a jolly birthday tomorrow :)


Well done!

The run you have just done had you moving for longer between warm up and cool down than the next one. So draw on your trust in the plan, belief in yourself and accept the challenge with a positive attitude.

I can honestly say that we haven't had a single graduate who dropped dead on week 5.

My tip for the next run is to stand in front of the mirror and practice distorting your face into the most extreme expression you can manage, at least three times a day. That way, the fixed grin you will be wearing for the next week will not hurt so much.

Keep running, keep smiling.


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