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Calves again!

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Just completed the first run of Week 3 and once again, despite taking it really slow, I’m plagued by tight, painful calves. I’ve been doing loads of stretches and massages on my rest days but up until now it’s made no difference to the calf pain. I’m really enjoying the running and I’m feeling fitter already but these calves are holding me back and spoiling the enjoyment.....any ideas?

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What are you wearing on your feet?

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My first running shoes could only be described as clogs. They also managed to clog my bank account the moment they sent me to a physio.

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Rolling..get a roller... and unknot those IannodaTruffe says.. are the shoes okay?

My new, very comfortable Asics!!

At about week 3 to 4 I can remember my legs aching a lot. All the time. I even contemplated paracetamol at one point!! Calves and thighs. They never recovered before it was time for the next run unlike weeks 1 and 2 when they ached the next day but were ok by the day after. I resigned myself to this and pushed on with the programme. Every run stretched them out, strengthened them and by about week 6 they stopped hurting. You have to destroy your muscle tissue slightly for it to rebuild itself stronger so unless you really can't walk I'd say push on through the pain for the long term benefits.

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Langley-LoperGraduate in reply to Langley-Loper

By the way I am a biologist but not a sports expert!

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I suffered with tight calfs too . Now on week 7 and they seem to have eased . I used deep heat rub , smells a bit but works and I also swim not sure if that's had any difference but my calfs are ok now . X

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I got bitten by a collie a couple of years ago and I've got scar tissue in my calf. The physio gave me a fab stretch - dangle off the bottom stair with your heel as low as you can (gently) and hold it for 20-30 seconds, three times. It's the only thing that stops the constant meithering from my calf muscle. :)

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