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Calves giving up again


I graduated a couple of months ago and am still finding things very difficult. I had problems with my calves at the beginning but that seemed to disappear very soon. Now it's back with avengance. I have had to stop twice because the pain was unbearable. Before, the pain was more towards the top of my calves but now it is near the bottom. Any advice?

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Are you going too quickly. If so, slow things right down.

Calf strength is key. Calf raises with heel drops, foot lifts, lunges all help

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If only! Still moving at a snail's pace 😁😁

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That’s best! It really is. As you get stronger with SLOW running your pace will pick up. It takes a while to build running legs, and they’re achieved with slow running and rest days. Cross training is a good idea. Walk more! Swim, cycle, etc etc Do the calf exercises and make sure you have the correct Shoes! 😃


Foam roller! Best things ever!

Oh and if you haven’t had properly fitted shoes and a gait analysis, do that 👍🏽


Graduated a couple of months ago so counting the programme itself you’ve been running regularly for four months or thereabouts? Maybe try a week’s rest. Lots of runners do that every few months.

The advice above about footwear and gait analysis is also good, if you haven’t done that already.


I suggest taking 2-3 of days rest before yoir next run. If you're running a 5k consistently along the same route, you may be over challenging yourself too often too similarly. A short break can do us the world of good and allow us to fully recover amd strengthen.

I suggest a short break. Your next run do intervals, i.e. running fast for 60 secs, then slow running for 60 secs. Do a mile or 2. Next run, do hill training. The run after, do a 5k very slowly. There are the c25k+ podcasts which are a good next step after graduating. Have you tried those?


I’ve started using calf skins, feel they support me and although I’ve only done 2 runs in them finishing week 4 I wouldn’t run without them now.

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