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Unanticipated consequences....

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rolysmate caught a chicken.

I found myself in a strange town, late for a meeting, in the wrong place- I jogged it. A few funny looks (unusual to run in a suit, with a briefcase apparently :) ) but 10 minutes later I was where I should be, no sweat (literally) and able to announce my arrival without hyperventilating!

Couldn't have done that a few months ago.

Have you found any unexpected benefits?

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I trust you were not wearing heels

Only little ones :)

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Well the banty catching was certainly different but the best for me was racing my 4 year old grandson down the length of a field, both of us whooping,hollering and laughing as we ran

That is a lovely image :)

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rolysmateGraduate in reply to helenwheels

His laughter and screams of Grandad are still ringing in my ears

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My flab is firmer! I've trimmed down and lost a dress size, my digestion is better, I feel more capable and calmer at work (most of the time!).

What I love most is the way it makes me think now and how it's changed me. Qualities I didn't realise I had: determination, courage and inner strength. That's directly from running and overcoming anxieties but also the connection on this forum to others' perspectives helping me through the hard times. These are the things I didn't even think about or expect to get ... but have turned out to be the most valuable. Just wonderful :)

That is a lovely list of unexpected discoveries FPF !

When I get all evangelical about running, I can see people glaze over. They can't really GET what I'm saying because they haven't experienced these things. But on this forum there is lots of camaraderie because we are all finding these things out and feeling overwhelmed by the wonderful thing we found!!!

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FishypiefaceGraduate in reply to helenwheels

Yes exactly! I would have been one of those people too, if I hadn't have done it myself and felt the wonder!!!! Sometimes I have to pinch myself, I still can't believe I'm doing this, I don't fit into the classic runner look that's for sure! I still can't believe the simple action of putting one foot in front of the other can bring all of benefits it does. It's fab!

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skysue16Graduate in reply to helenwheels

Yes, exactly - folk on this forum REALLY understand 😊

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BeccaMM in reply to Fishypieface

I totally agree - when faced with a tough challenge now I tell myself ' you can do it - you DO ' difficult' I read that on this forum, and it stuck with me.

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Lovely post.

My favourite unexpected benefits? The realisation that I am determined. Never really seen that side of myself before, and never dreamed that running would bring that out. Secondly, I am a positive person. Again, never seen myself that way before, but I like it. 😀

That is lovely too. Self discovery while jogging along.... :)

I found my dad dancing shapes are improved no end by me not being red and sweaty! Before running, one round of YMCA would leave me in a heap, now I can do YMCA, and Ra Ra Rasputin in a healthy pink raspberry diva glow. Whereas before paramedics needed on speed dial.

My dancing is still pants though, but in Le Marché as you can tell from the music, no one really cares!

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BeccaMM in reply to Jancanrun

Ha ha - Ra ra rasputin lover of the Russian king. . That takes me back, might have to add that to my play list - I can picture myself jogging along to that one :-) thanks for the memory

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Yes.. a new wardrobe of clothes ( Mostly running ones :)

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Ha ha! suit & briefcase! was it a pinstripe suit? I suppose you didn't have a brolly in hand as well, did you? 😁 Would loved to have seen that! Good on you, well done! yes, I do like to stroll, but knowing I can turn on the speed if need be feels good! 😊

Keeping up with our energetic friends when out for a very long walk without getting short of breath!

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I think I look less of a berk when running for a bus these days! May not always catch it but at least I feel I do it with style and nonchalance ;)

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Finding this forum and the wonderfully supportive people who lurk here has been a wonderfully unexpected consequence of my mad decision to take up running :D

I have.

The unexpected grinning and outbursts of laughter when reading posts on here !

But on a serious note....

Was in quite a dark place health and physical wise and wasn’t seeing much of a way out.

The ‘well that’s what I do and how I live’ mindset and lifestyle was definitely gaining pace faster than I could move away from it.

I’m not saying I now only drink the dew from early morning lemon grass farmed on the slopes of a hillside in Nepal but I have certainly turned things around as far as food and drink are concerned.

Today at the airport restaurant I asked for vegetables and rice rather than hunting down the burger bar.

I don’t remember the last time I ate cheese.

My belt is now running out of notches in the other direction.

I have spoken to my doctor regards the heart and blood pressure medication and it has been reduced by 50% (as well as 5K in 30 min my other plan is to get to the stage where I no longer need the medication)

I feel fresher and more alert.

I now look at stairs as ‘well why not’ as opposed to ‘where’s the bloody lift?’

My wife says she has also noticed the change.....which is good.

I could go on and on about all sorts but yeah....it feels good.


Loving it.

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