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Need some advice, I don't want to quit but I am in so much pain! Wk2r2

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Hello. I have completed week 2 run 2 but had to miss run 3 last week as my knees ( or just to the side/ below my knee caps ) have me in agony 😥 I am in my 40's, unfit and overweight so I decided to do something about it and was loving C25K and it's approach. I thought I was doing great but now I can hardly walk! I don't want to give up but I don't know how to fix this? Thanks x

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Don't run in pain. If you rest it will go but if you want to be sure it won't come back then see a sport physio. Also make sure you have good running shoes fitted after gait analysis. Makes all the difference, including to knees. Don't give up though. I have had bad knee pain in the past but the stretches the physio gave me keep it at bay.

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Everything SCB1 has said. We all get aches and pains when we ask our body to do something physical that it is not used to, but agony is a message to stop because something is wrong

When I had a gait analysis, about which I was previously highly sceptical, the video showed not only my feet rolling outwards but also that my ankles and knees were not in vertical alignment . With the suggested shoes all these issues were corrected, creating a mechanically stronger leg action and vastly reducing stresses on knees.

I hadn't had knee trouble associated with my running but the analysis convinced me that it was an essential for all new runners. Most specialist running shops do gait analysis. Some charge. Take your current shoes with you and be prepared to run for a few minutes. You may be shocked at the cost of running shoes but the wrong shoes can do you permanent damage and the correct ones are the best investment in your fitness and health that you could ever make.

Try to land as lightly as possible and preferably not on your heel. Your footstrike should be under your body not in front, so shorten stride if necessary.

Thank you both, I will go and get my gait analysed. I have read his a lot on this forum so it should be worthwhile. I really enjoyed the running I did and look forward to starting again.

When you say rest what does that mean? No running, no walking on it? I walk a lot in my day back and forth on school run so it is hard to rest completely. Thanks x

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Rest for any injury means taking major stresses off, but stay mobile and keep everything moving. Walking should be fine unless it is causing agonies, in which case get seen by a GP or physio. an extra rest day between runs may be beneficial.

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Depends how much pain you are in. At it's worst my knee needed as little walking as possible and not carrying anything heavy. As it got better I could walk further, but not carrying weight was also important I discovered. It was trial-and-error for me. Hope you get better soon. It's very frustrating I know but you can't rush knees.

Exactly as the others have suggested husband had knee pain at week 3, went for gait analysis, found he over pronates, got proper supportive running shoes for him and was fine.

I think he stopped running for two weeks while all this was sorted out.

Good luck😊x

Rest means no running.. (impact)x

Thank you! I think not knowing how long I will off running is worse than the pain itself!! I had just got into it! x

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to Runfatmumrun

We know😉...

don't worry you can carry on when you are better it will still be there.. and you will be better equiped.😊x

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