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Much harder than I thought!!

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I have completed week 1 (and actually did an extra day 1 as I downloaded the wrong app first time!!) . It is much harder than I thought and is not getting any easier!!

Also, I have downloaded the app onto my work Samsung A£ 2016 phone - the app tends to throw me out before I have finished!! I am getting a lot of ad pop ups so think this is what is interrupting the app!? I have tried everything to stop the pop ups, including downloading software recommended by google! anyone else had the same problem?

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hello ... bit concerned about the app, it sounds like you still have the "wrong" one or at least not the one most of us use! The link to download the NHS / BBC / "One You" app or podcasts is on this page . It doesn't have ads ... wondering if you have an issue on your work phone ...

(the podcasts are even simpler since they only use your music player, but they have music built in which you might not like, it divides people!)

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This forum is primarily for those doing the NHS C25k app or podcasts, which we all believe is superior to others, but we are a forgiving bunch and tolerate outsiders, so welcome.

If you are finding the workout tough, just slow down. There is no speed requirement for this programme, just duration.

Keep posting your progress and good luck.

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I have used the podcasts and never have a problem with them. The programme is brilliant...persevere! When I did week 1 I really, really struggled too but now I'm on week 7 and running 25 minutes. Believe in yourself!

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I tried the Podcasts, they work great although the music sucks big time. I used an app by Active, C25K App. Worked great, I could play my own music in the background and it is the exact same 9 week plan.

Stay at it. Don’t give up. This forum is great for keeping you motivated.

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