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Should be W5R3 today - I've put the stoppers on it!

So I was getting all ready for my twenty minutes today, but I feel I shouldn't go ahead with it.

I've always had a low heart rate but since running it had dropped even more so. Yesterday I didn't feel great, very tired (to be honest all week I've felt tired) so I took my BP and pulse and it came back at 37. I kept my fit bit on all night and that brought back 36. I've spoken to a school mum who works at A+E and she has suggested I go in (she's working tomorrow) and get checked out. She's also said probably best not running. Apart from feeling terrified at what they might find, I feel very strange about not being able to run and keep up with the plan. This is the first time I've not completed a run. Feeling pretty naff 😔

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Oh dear....you must be feeling dreadful?? It’s for the best that you get checked out though isn’t it..?? It would be far worse if you ignored your body & something bad happened...try not to worry about what the outcome of getting checked out might reveal...it won’t abe anything that can’t be managed...& you might still be able to run short steady runs when you know what it is so don’t rule it out just yet...good luck rlwalker81 ...& let us know how you get on


Best to check it out with accurate diagnostic tools so that you remain safe. Hope all goes well keep us posted. 😏👍


I agree with the others that it's best for these things to be checked carefully by experts and with accurate means - even if it is only (as I hope) just to put your mind at rest.

Hope all is OK, and do let us know how you get on. xx


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