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W7R2 wild and windy

Well after not feeling great about Tuesday nights run I had my little demons in my head trying to tell me not to run today and giving all sorts of excuses on why I didn't need to go.

They didn't win! 😁

Ok I was a bit later than usual getting out but I did it, I watched my pace this time by counting my steps slowly in my head and I must admit it was easier than my last run and lovely wet and windy weather which I love ❤️

I'm still struggling with these longer runs and feel I've hit a bit of a wall on week 7 so I was thinking of repeating it before moving on. I'll see how I feel on Sunday!

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Well done for getting out there, even with those pesky Gremlins trying to have their say. See how you feel but it won't do you any harm to repeat a run and know your are really ready to move on.

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Thank you, my run 3 of week 7 went much better.

It's still taking me about 10 minutes to get into a comfortable pace but after that I felt fine 😁


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