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Kings of Neon

I'm heading out running,

It's a new route today.

Keep it nice, slow and steady.

In my bright yellow neon.

This slopes never ending,

It just goes on for miles.

Seems ok when I drive it,

Just seems so nice and gentle.

So gentle.

Ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhh, oh

My legs are on fire!!

With apologies to Kings of Leon.

New route was only 4km today and was away from the shelter of the forest. Instead I was buffeted about by a wind that had swept across the Central Bohemian plains and the first thing it was hitting was me.

The route is from our village to the next village and they have recently built a path as the roads here are unlit and just about wide enough for 2 pushbikes so sharing it with tractors and cars was not high on my list of priorities.

But I always said to Mrs GB that now that they have built the path it should be ok to run along and then swing onto the fields and run along the main A Road, up to another village and back. I had mapped it out at 4km but knew it had 'the occasional incline' and over the weeks there are a few different routes back through our village so that I can do 5km.

It threw me at the beginning because the first 800m was down an incline so I am used to running up an incline not down. And then along the path and into the fields with my jacket filling up with wind so that it looked like a dayglo zepplin had come loose from its moorings.

There was one bit where there was quite a long curving incline where one of the other roads comes under a bridge and joins the A Road. I slowed it right down for that. To a brisk walk in fact. MJ wasnt there to tell me off so 80 mtrs of brisk buffeting walk and I was good to go again. But that was the only pause.

I think what was throwing me as well is that I am used to my 'old route' so know how far I am into the run by what tree I am passing. This one was all new.

But I kept going. Determined not to stop up that bloody slope.

I'll run to the tree and stop there.

I'll just go to the field entrance and then stop.

Or maybe just the brow of the hill.

My thighs were burning and screaming at me (although my breathing was nice and calm funnily enough)

Quick song change and on comes Fat Boy Slim / Groove Armada - I see you baby (shakin that ass) and after that I just shimmied my way up that hill.

Got home and all I needed was some green shorts and I would have made a perfect traffic light. Red face from the wind, my go faster neon running jacket in Minion Racing Yellow and some green shorts.

Despite already having one post grad run (this being number 2) it was the first run with MJ bellowing in my ear.

So I have read about the different motivations people have once they finish the program and Jancanrun had mentioned having a range of smaller goals. So for me I'll keep up the 3x week with one run being my usual spot with the 5km I know I can do. One route I have seen that is also a 5km. But the 3rd will be to be able to conquer the Slopes of Leon without stopping.

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I loved this post. A man after my own heart, with some great creativity on he lyrics. And why don't I have Kings of Leon on any of my running playlists. I need to remedy that soon.

No wonder you told me not to mention hills. They are a bugger, but once you get to the top it's a great feeling knowing you did it. I end up taking really baby steps. But keep the rhythm as steady as possible. Sometimes my steps are so small I could be running on the spot.

Anyway I think it's good to put hills in once a week - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or summat like that.

Happy running you neon Postgrad you.


Great post.. and your plan, also, which many Graduates follow, is the three runs a week with one always being 5K...consolidation is all... Different routes too are a great help :)

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Legs on fire... genius. There's lyrical gold in them thar hills.

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