Run and tumble

So.....just as I was coming to the end of the second 8 minute run in w5r2 I was feeling strong, gaining pace down a conveniently placed descent when i tripped over an ueven section of pavement in the dark and took a full on slide across the gravel. Nice gravel burns on both hands and my right elbow and I hate to think what colour my hip will be in the morning.

May need 2 recovery days before the mighty w5r3!


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34 Replies

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  • Omg.😡 I hope you are ok? Sounds rather nasty. Make sure you take enough rest before the next run πŸƒ

  • Thank you. It could have been a lot worse. The grazes are very shallow but my hip will appreciate a bit of TLC

  • Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Take it easy!!!

  • Thank you!

  • Oh no xx rest up xxx

  • Thank you. Will listen to my body and pick my feet up more!

  • Bad luck, Yvette, that sounds painful 😯 If it makes you feel any better, I went splat in the mud this morning and will be taking two rest days before the next run - make sure you rest well πŸ™‚

  • Yikes! Hope you recover soon too

  • Ouch that sounds painful shakes you up as well hope you recover soon x

  • Apart from screaming on my way down i was able to pick myself up and hobble through the last few seconds. Getting straight back on the horse....

  • Oouch sounds painful poor you. Hope it's not too serious. Wishing you better soon x

  • Thanks. I'll be fine soon

  • Ooo that sounds painful!!! Definitely take it easy and take more than 2 days if you need to. Hope it heals quickly xx

  • Thank you. Already laughing about it - aside from the pain in my hip. No serious damage done

  • Ouch.. rest up and be ready for Run 3, which by the way... is just another run, that you are ready for :)

  • Thanks. I'll just have longer to look forward to that 20 minute run

  • ... which you will do beautifully!

  • Ouch! Hope the bruise isn't too bad, rest up 😟

  • Lots of ice-packs and tryiing to keep hobbling around so that I don't completely seize up

  • 2 days deffo I would say, you may be a bit stiff tomorrow.

  • Yes. It will be a watch and wait situation

  • Oh dear, wish you better! I recently went to Austria and took out an e-bike for some exercise, came off and ended up being off work for 4 weeks - the hazards of keeping fit but well worth it - you have to take the good with the bad😏

  • Thank you

  • Falling over's the worst. Get better soon and do make sure you haven't done any real damage. Gravel should be banned. xx

  • Thanks. Yes I'm not a gravel fan

  • Gravel looks nice on drives, but not when in your skin. And I think a nice extra days rest is definitely in order

  • Gravel damage was minimal in the end. The hipp bruise wss more significant

  • Ooh nasty, hope it improves soon

  • Much better now thanks - colourful bruising though!

  • Ouch!! Make sure you rest properly before heading out for run 3 (and maybe email the council about that pavement!).

  • Thanks but the whole town probably needs repaving!

  • For the hip: another days rest.

    For the road rash there may be bits in the cut so get some cold water. A cloth. Some ice. And some clear alcohol.

    Put the ice in the alcohol for 4-5 minutes. Then gently sip at it whilst dabbing the grazes with the damp cloth.

  • Love it!

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