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Starting C25K for the second time

Hi everyone

I'm just wondering if any of you have restarted c25k? And if you have, what has changed to make you stay with running?

I graduated a while ago. Enjoyed all the positives that running offered ie: mood was better, clothes looser, more energy. But slowly my running tailed off. Usual excuses of childcare issues, lack of time bla bla.

Anyway, I haven't run in months. But I've been feeling all the opposites of the above benefits! So I'm determined to get back running again as I hate feeling like this. I'm actually looking forward to it but I don't really want to have to do it a third time😁!

Can anyone who has restarted, even if it was several times, give me any advice? Or what made you stick with it this time? I think one of my problems was missing the structure of the c25k. I know that has been a problem for others too. And possibly boredom with same route. So that's a consideration.

Many thanks

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So although I didn't run firstly with C25K I am a lapsed runner and C25K gave me the structure to rediscover running.

So what did I do post graduation to keep me going? Here's my recipe - maybe some of it will strike a chord for you...

I continued the 3 times a week running, by setting up three diary reminders to arrive at the same time as the old invitations from Mr Smooth (Michael Johnson)

I got my kit out the night before in full view of the bed, for shaming purposes.

Having had so much support from the forum, I made a mental commitment to stay on here and support others, and I felt I couldn't do that if I wasn't actually running, so to avoid me feeling like a hypocrite, that helped a lot.

Finally I created my running blog, jancanrun.com, just to make a public commitment to my friends and family and myself that I was serious. Every run I write about - running and then writing about it for me is a big help.

I also gave myself a distance target of 10k to be reached before Christmas. I have my own incentive scheme - every time I run I permit myself one music download, and if I meet my weekly km target I get an extra music download.

For the avoidance of 'routine' in my runs, I am lucky enough to run in the countryside where there are lots of lanes for me to use, so I do many varying loops and there are some that are more routine than others, but then I add in a new bit at the beginning of the run, so my timings aren't 'monitorable' otherwise I do get bored.

Hope this helps


Hi Jan

Thank you so much for your reply. That's given me a lot to think about and things to try and help me rediscover running again.

The blog is a great idea; I think maybe a private diary would work for me. But I have told my husband I am going out tomorrow so somebody knows I'm doing it! And varying my route is a definite. I also like your idea of incentives. Think I will incorporate something similar to yours.

Thanks again. I really appreciate your advice x


Good luck with the rediscovery, we all find our own recipes for running. I hope you find yours.

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Thank you


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