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W6R1 - Tough going

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After achieving week 5 run 3 I figured W6R1 would be easy!! Ha ha ha! Despite knowing I needed to keep it slow and steady I sped up a bit and so found this much tougher than it needed to be.

Well at least I did it - mental strength is improving - last leg was a snails pace but kept the jogging motion going.

I got to my final walking stage whilst still on the last run section so decided to alter my route slightly - moved from pavement to a grassy field to do a loop - big mistake - uneven and soggy made the last 2 minutes feel like I was running in treacle.

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You are not alone in week 6 run 1 being a bit of a blighter, after wk5 run3, it s the next most complained about run. Well done for keeping going.

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I've just done week 6, run 1 this morning, it is a bit of a shocker isn't it!? I spent a while reading posts on here last night about week 6, run 1, everyone said they went too fast so I made sure I went super slow, I think it helped but I still thought I'd find it easier after the 20 minute monster!

I'm going to make sure I read about run 2 before Thursday, it really does give a good idea of where the difficulties may be. Keep going though! Just think how amazing it is that you've come this far!

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I nearly came unstuck in W7R2 by going too fast! I felt so pleased to be running comfortably for 25 mins I thought I could up the pace. Big mistake. As everyone advises- slow & steady. See Rignold's post today on Basic Endurance. Good luck 😃

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