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W6R1 after a week off

After a week off since the high of wk5r3 due to work commitments I did wk6 r1 today. Decided to take a different route.... all my previous ones have been flat but I found that I was now running uphill (okay hardly a mountain) then the recovery walks were always downhill. The irony! Then my lace and undone but I daren't stop to tie it - imagining sarah telling me off for even thinking about stopping...Then I decided to make sure I'd done at least 5k for the first time ever by doing walking laps of the empty stately home carpark near where I live. ... needn't have done as I finished up doing 5.4 k....

Anyway that little run-walk athon (think it was 18 mins of running in total) included my first ever 5k at 34:47....

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Slow and steady as you go on... and tie the laces... better to lose a second or two, than end up on the Injury Couch !

Well done:)


Well done. I have also not dared stop to tie a shoe lace, but Floss is right, you really should. 🙂


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