Time for a new name

Okay I admit that when I first started this running I never thought I would do it, not really. But then I did run for 30 minutes a few weeks ago.

I've been quietly doing a few more weeks and this morning I finally managed to run the full 5k which was my first 5k and the furthest I have ever run in my life before.

Thanks to everyone reading your stories really helped be finish it off today.

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  • Congratulations! What do you mean 'finish it off' ! There's 10k to aim for next!

  • Thank you, all I meant was finally finish off the programme and did my first 5k distance. Yes I'm going to think about what next

  • Hey you! Well done and congratulations! Shouldn't be quiet about your 5ks. Shout it from the roof tops! "I can do it!!!!" Good luck Rob, onwards and upwards :) :)

  • Thanks Carole, yes I do feel like shouting out loud, you should have heard me screaming yes when I did it yesterday.

  • Congratulations Rob. Be proud :-)

  • Thanks too, I am quietly proud now

  • Well done !!!! Thats fantastic news !!!

  • Thank you too

  • Well done Rob!

  • Thanks yonda, lovely dog does he run with you too?

  • No, he'd be forever getting in my way and he's too big to jump over :-)

  • Congratulations - it feels great doesn't it :)

  • Yes it so does thank you

  • Thank you yes I forgot to order it last time, has anyone thought of getting some real ones made up aka blue peter badge style

  • Well done. You should have claimed your graduation badge when you completed the 30 minutes on week 9 but doubly earned now so ask for it on the pinned posts list.

  • Thanks, yes I should have so pleased that I am an official graduate now


    Now for your next challenge...start trail running and aim for the Bob Graham Round!! You can do it.

  • Thanks, I've always looked at those fell runners and thought how mad they are, but you never know I might just join in next time!

  • Well done and now it's time to ask for your badge - you set yourself a goal for that now you've really earned it. Good luck with the next stage of your running journey. Best wishes.

  • Thanks Mo, am thinking of a 10k or doing cross country something a bit wilder than pavements

  • Well done Rob that's fantastic! x

  • Thank you, yes I am quite pleased too

  • Well done and happy running!

  • Oh I will do & thanks too

  • Congratulations! I was just the same, have been saying for years I wish I could run for 30 mins and never really thought I would. Starting with w1r1 at Christmas and achieved 30 mins in March felt like such an achievement. Then I too crept up to 3 miles. I didn't quite believe it, but today ran my 3rd 3 miler. I guess we can really call ourselves runner now! :-)

  • Yes I was there too, could never imagine for one moment running for 30 mins and now I can run for 5k. Proper runners

  • Yes... Do ask for your graduate badge... You deserve it!

  • Oh I'm going to, there seems to be quite a lot of badges on here lately, thank you

  • Hey, Rob, well done! I've just finished week 2 and am at the point where I'm surprised I can run for the several 1.5 minute runs! I got over confident and feeling good and ran for 5 minutes the other day, but ended up with aching muscles so I will stick with the gradual increase now. You have inspired me to keep going.

  • Oh it is so easy to get over confident I know I tried it once and what a mistake, stick to the plan and you will get through it. Good luck

  • Well done Rob ! Great stuff, the worlds your lobster :-) x

  • Thanks poppy, although I'm not too keen on lobster

  • Fabulous... I bet you feel amazing... Well done you... New name definitely :)

  • Yes it did feel amazing when I knew I had done it, thank you. So any ideas for the new name?

  • You still running???

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