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It was all going so well.... W7R1

Hi Folks,

Tues 26th was Wk7 Run1 for me and went well until 2 minutes to go when I felt my right calf muscle going. I slowed, determined not to stop and hobbled through my warm down.

I rested for 8 days, and not feeling any pain, went out for Wk7 Run2 last Thur (5th). All going good until 5 mins in when I felt the twinge. This time I stopped immediately and hobbled back.

So my question to you is; how long should you rest an injury, and then what is the best way to return to the schedule, go back a week?

How much fitness is lost during rest?


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Go and get it checked out..if you check some of my last posts, calf twinges that recur, really do need checking.

I had this.. rested, did everything by the book.. went out again.. and it happened again.. rested twelve days.. went out.. and the same thing.. I went to see a Sports Physio , and it turns out the original issue was a calf muscle tear...I got it sorted.. with a course of treatment including deep sports massage and acupuncture.. i was off the road in all for quite a long tine.and a very strict comeback regime....but back to normal now.

Do not leave it.. and rest assured, the fitness will stay.. I did other exercises and it was not long before I was up and running again, working back towards 10K again now... :)


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