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W7R1 - well the views weren’t so great either!!!


Up at the crack of sparrows today to fly from Edinburgh (7.35, left at 9.15) to London to Milan (10.20, left at 13.20)! After the usual glamorous international travel experience, arrived at hotel to discover it was 5° colder than the highlands.... and was raining!

Checking in, I did the only sensible thing - headed straight to the gym (basement and in darkness till I found the switch) and hopped onto the running machine. Jeez they are boring....but the 25 minutes passed without any significant issues and felt pretty straightforward, apart from the horror of having to gaze at myself throughout - that’s the last time I try the shorts and mirror combo. (I have no idea when all those bits started to wobble - but they can bl**dy well stop!!)

At least my husband and our friends were impressed (although they only saw the sweaty aftermath as I headed to the bar for peanuts...as they sipped on cocktails....even smug didnt help me there!!) 😄😂

Here’s hoping the next run is in a better locale...

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Glamorous lifestyle! Good run, treadmills scare me 😂

Katwpg in reply to DaveB46

That’s me - a glamourpuss!!


Fantastic effort! After all that travelling you were straight down to the gym!

Great pic! No mirror in front of my treadmill so I can’t do the same. You look brilliant but I definitely would not want to run in that gym. I can imagine that was a boring 25 mins. Or did the fact it was somewhere different keep you interested for long enough? Glad the run went well though and hope you find somewhere nicer to run next time. Will you still be in Milan? That sounds sooo posh, trendy and stylish!

sallensonGraduate in reply to _SimonT_

Simon what makes you think we want to see a photo of you on your treadmill? LMAO 😂

_SimonT_Graduate in reply to sallenson

Haha! Challenge accepted! 😂

Great running. . . You could have made lots of excuses not to bother with this run.... but you didn't! Go girl!!!

We did W7R1 tonight but in the lovely local parkland ... the blessed midges were out in force though

Enjoy your coctails x x

Katwpg in reply to Christianne57

Oooh - midgies make life difficult...even the treadmill feels a reasonable option when they are around!!


Well done! It would have been easy to miss out.

Seriously well done on taking a photograph while running, I would have lost my footing and been ejected into the back wall...

Katwpg in reply to RobW73

The thought did occur to me ... visions of my corpse being found days later...

Well done on getting straight to it 👍, but a cocktail after would have been worth it!! Lol

Katwpg in reply to LoungeLizaard

It was... I discovered the Moscow mule...... joy!!!


The endless joys of international travel. Hotel gyms designed by complete sadists.

Hopefully the cocktails were better...


Wow well done for being motivated and doing the run ⭐️ cocktails after is definitely the way to go ☺️xxx