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Newbie with calf pain

I'm a newbie and just finished Week 1, Run 3. I really enjoyed the first two runs but during the third I started having pain and stiffness in my calves. I did a few stretches and the brisk warm-up beforehand so I'm not sure why this pain now? Where I run is not the ideal place as it's quite hilly with a stony track, could this be the cause? I have so much motivation at the moment, I don't want anything to put me off. Is there anything else I need to do?

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Lots of stretching after each run.. take it very slow and steady and try to land lightly! We do tend to thump down a bit at first,, I think it the concentration !

Go gently and really stretch afterwards with massage too :)

You can use the bottom of the stairs or a step :)

Extend your warm up walk and do some donkey kicks :)



Oldfloss is right, stretching after your run may help, when muscles are warm and pliable, but pre run stretching should be dynamic and not as intense as the muscles are cold. I don't stretch pre run.

What are your shoes like? Were they fitted after a gait analysis?

I would not worry too much about your route.

You will overcome this.


Thank you both. I'll definitely focus more on the stretching after running. Shoes are not too good I'm afraid, just bog standard trainers. I didn't want to spend a lot on expensive ones at the moment as I'm just starting out and want to see how I progress first.

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That is sensible, but ordinary leisure trainers are not running shoes and could easily cause you problems.

Do get a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop if you decide to replace them.


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