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Week 6.....ups and downs

Well I didn't post after my first run of week 6 because I couldn't make sense of it to begin with. After all, I'd done W5R3! But W6R1 foxed me. Found it hard, but oddly boring. Made some mental adjustments, reminded myself how far I had come and did today's run, 3rd in week 6, and am back on top, physically and mentally. So thanks all for the continuing support, and roll on week 7!

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Well done for getting through the infamous week 6! Lots of us struggle with this week. In my case it was going back to intervals that made runs 1 and 2 harder. Enjoy the rest of the programme. Well on your way to graduation now! 🏃‍♂️

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W6R1 was my nemesis and the whole of that week I found hard too...well done for trucking through it. Good luck with W7

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Aah, the thinking analytical runner........that's what I like to see.

People get hung up on the length of time that they are being asked to run in the first half of the programme but what they don't do is look at the time between warmup and cooldown, the actual variable moving time. W6R1 is the longest moving section in the plan, up to that point and after the ecstasy of W5R3, when you possibly build a slightly false sense of security and ability, it is quite a tough run.

You don't have to worry about those tricksy walk/run intervals from now on.....you have left the walking breaks behind and many find that a relief.

You have achieved a lot to reach this stage, where you should now be filled with self belief, pride and satisfaction. Well done.

Enjoy your last few weeks.

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