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I don't like long straight roads

I don't like long straight roads

Evening,been a busy week here decided I much prefer not having to go to work but hey it pays for my races and holidays

A new run with the Goodgym team last night and also a new initiative.

We left the Olympic Park and headed east along Romford Road....3 miles so a longer run than normal and wow I really don't like long straight roads.

The task was to clear the weeds from the grounds of a local community centre,they are trying to improve areas near alleyways making them less intimidating.

The area we cleared has had new plants and additional seating,they want to improve lighting.

After the run back from as time for the monthly social so food and drinks to continue celebrating Kev's 50th Birthday.

We are off to GoodGym HQ tomorrow to do some training in preparation for the possibility of covering our group runs,training is how to upload information to their website and contact runners etc.

Sunday we are doing the England Athletics Leadership in Running fitness.

I never thought in May 2015 when I started C25K that I would become a qualified run lead.

Will let you know how it goes

Oh yes did my coach run to visit my elderly lady today....was hard work after last nights longer run and beer 😜

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I agree with you on the long straight roads, I'm definetly more of a 'loop' girl personally, or maybe just loopy?! Sounds like you have done amazingly well, very inspirational!

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Hi could you tell me where you got the screen shot is it on the c25k app, I've only downloaded the podcasts


Is a screenshot of my Strava app.


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