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Which App?

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Hiya, I wonder if any of you can help me. I have an old Samsung Galaxy Y phone, which I am very happy with, I use it to call/text and that is about all, I never use the mobile data etc. I have downloaded a C25K app, but have just noticed that at the start of week 3 you have to pay for it. The NHS app won't download (it says that the phone won't support it). Do any of you know of a FREE app which my phone would support. I do have a MP3 player, but again that is about 10 years old. Thank you in advance x

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Download the NHS C25K podcasts from nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Couch-to...

These are mp3s so can be played on your player or phone.

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My MP3 player is 10years old and it works great! I did the programme with it and it was very stable

I listen to my music on it, the C25k+ podcasts and Bridge to 10k podcasts

I used an mp3 for the c25k podcasts too and still use it now for my running music. I take my phone in a running belt just to record my run stats on.

Good luck starting the plan.😊

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I used Zen Labs one. It's pretty minimal no music and the "encouragements" taper off as you become more confident in the later weeks. It's also an 8 week and 35 final run programme instead of 9 and 30. It's free the whole way to the end.

It worked for me and that literally is a bona fide miracle.

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As IannodaTruffe says.. click on the link :)

Thank you all for your time to reply, week 3 is now downloaded and ready for action :)

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