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How things change......

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...this time last year I was chatting with a friend about possibly starting C25k (we live in different parts of the country, but have done many long distance walks together). We both wanted to get fit, we both wanted to try something new, so towards the end of October we started. We both had periods when we couldn't run for health reasons, but we both graduated in the early months of this year.

One year on - my friend is preparing for her first 10k........and I am on the IC wishing I was out there running! It was a beautiful day today - perfect for running :( So I did some gardening instead - still made my knee hurt, but I haven't been given any advice other than not running (I specifically asked about that) and "do some knee strengthening exercises" (not given any to do, but when I've tried to do the NHS ones - they hurt too!). Grrrr!!!! Should get x-ray results this week, but still no appointment for an ultrasound.........

...wondering about a private physio appointment....but it costs money..... :(

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Given you've already had an x-ray scan I'd wait until you get the results from that to start off with, I would've thought that at least should rule out anything skeletal being the issue. If the X-Ray is all clear I would've thought seeing a physio would be the best way to go, you should be able to get physio treatment through the NHS (with a waiting list)

Physio can be expensive privately but even if you go for an initial assessment appointment for them to give you a plan to stick to without follow up appointments I would've thought that would be better than nothing!

I hope you get your knee issues sorted, I've been there myself and it was frustrating to the point of being borderline depressing for me. Good luck!

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CookieMGraduate in reply to Thecko

Thanks for the advice - useful to have someone else's thoughts rather than just my own going round my head!!

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