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W7R1 - how things change!


First for me, after I dished up the roast dinner for all the family, I popped my plate back in the oven to keep warm & took myself out for my 25min run!

The husband was incredibly shocked, as were the kids!

Got lost in the first 20 min jog, had a stitch for the last 5! But got through it knowing a lovely dinner was waiting for me. Thankfully I’d missed them whinging about all the veg they had to eat too... winner!

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You are amazing - well done 👍Hope you enjoyed your roast dinner 🙂🙂


Well Done! Did my Week 7 Run 1 in Parkrun yesterday - those last 5 mins are a real bugger aren't they!?!

Slacking today :-) Just back from a trip to the pub with my son to watch our beloved Brighton and Hove Albion get battered by Liverpool - again! :-(

Still have the whinging to look forward to!! xx

Keels_xGraduate in reply to pianoteacher

Of course, I remember you mentioning park run, how did you get on? Well done you!!!

Keels_xGraduate in reply to pianoteacher

Just seen your post!!! I’m proud of you 😎😎😎😎😎🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

Tasha99Graduate in reply to pianoteacher

They are, but the move to 28 and 30 is easy 👍🏽


It was really good! Everyone was really friendly and helpful. Was really pleased with my time and all being well hope to do My Week 8 Run 1 in it next Saturday.

Do you have one near you?

Keels_xGraduate in reply to pianoteacher

Yeah, I could do the Ashford one (Kent) I’ve been looking at the website!!! I’m so tempted but a bit scared to go solo

pianoteacherGraduate in reply to Keels_x

Don't be scared! I went on my own and ran on my own but got chatting to a couple people beforehand (from a Walk 2 Run group) who i'm sure I could have run with if I'd wanted to x


Your doing great.👏👏

What caused your stitch, great advice on here to avoid on your next run. 🌟👏👏


Well done you! Hope the lunch was good! It's the last 5 mins that get me too. Had an extra rest day today as couldn't find a time me and my sister could run together. So it's tomorrow evening..!

Well done you! It is amazing how this C25K encourages us to do things that are just not our normal! All the best for your next run!


Well done! Did my run this morning (before work...this is a first!) And I got a stitch the last 5 mins as well! Not enough water perhaps? I had to slow it righttttt down today! Got it done though wooooo 👏👏👏🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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