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more practice! hills! socks! tech!


Slightly frustratingly, I woke up on Monday with a very achy neck, and not wanting to aggravate it I decided not to run, so there went my short-lived plan of tackling a Monday with a run under my belt... Tuesday, yoga class, good, lots of calf stretching...

This morning I went out attempting Week 8 run 2, but a few little things went awry - found my new sports socks (I've never bought sports socks...) have a big lumpy seam and are a bit too big, then I went downstairs in the lift instead of on the stairs which are usually the start of my warm up walk, couldn't get a radio show playing, couldn't trigger the automatic doors to get out my building...

and then my stellar navigational skills took me up a road I thought I'd been along before. I haven't. It's a big long slope, more than I could manage, and even having read Curlygurly2 's hill tip this morning I couldn't continue. So I trundled down to a walk and switched off Jo Whiley, at which point I then realised I wouldn't know how long I'd attempted anyway. Le sigh... I ran and walked, Week 4 styleee back and made it a point to try and run up another incline so I can at least call it hill practice.

The socks were alright in the end, though.

Week 8 lives another day...!

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I feel for you! I'm obsessed with finding longer routes avoiding hills at the moment (or even slight inclines). All runs are good runs though .......

ickleguiGraduate in reply to Ificandoit

I started week 1 thinking I would have to try some hills because even the park isn't flat - but then I found a long enough flat route - but then started fancying a change and we're back to 'well, you'll have to tackle hills if you want a change' ...! Technically only five more (non-practice) runs until graduation so if I can concentrate on that first - and stick to my route! - then hills!


Wow! If I faced stairs, lifts and automatic doors before my run I'd probably never get out of bed! Credit to you for sticking with it, especially today. I can't avoid hills where I live - I lean slightly forward and take smaller steps. It does help. Good luck- you're not far from graduation! 👍


You'll get there! I did C25K in a very hilly place 3 years ago, it's only this year I feel I can manage those all counts though, even the ones you don't quite finish...


Well you got out... eventually! Great work against all odds... Well done you!

And.. the socks are fine !

Onward and errr... upward ? :) x

This sounds like a total hurdle race rather than any old run....

Still counts on the experience, hills and km side of things.

Well done for getting out there.


v kind all, GrannyO and Jancanrun I was going to say that they're not really hurdles but actually that automatic door is my nemesis, it opens maybe 75% of the time for me? Plus there were Other People in the lift who were then in close proximity to me in exercise gear (a privilege normally reserved for my yoga buds and my cats)! All very offputting!

Curlygurly2 I'll get to them thar hills eventually... with all the tips from here... Oldfloss as always it'll be slow and steady and onwards and up...ish 🏃🏔

OldflossAdministrator in reply to icklegui

Go you!

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