Couch to 5K

Finished week 7 😄🏃‍♀️

That was a really good run 😃!

A nice burst of sunshine helped spur me on and I went out buoyed up by unexpected visit from my lovely son who's so encouraging to my running and also gave me some pressup tips (my upper body strength is not what it could be!) I in turn baked his favorite banana & sultana cake.... anyway... I digress!

Please let me know your thoughts on replacing running shoes? I've probably only used mine for 250 miles -they are a good brand- but lately they feel different, flatter to the ground. I've read circa 500 miles is average life span for them 🤔?

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I find cake is a good payment method!! :D

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Well done on finishing week 7 today - I did too!

Sorry I can't comment on the shoes as I am still too novice. I'm nowhere near 250 miles yet, I'm impressed with your mileage!


Gosh, no - thank you but it's not just running , I've used them for core class, spinning & walking so haven't got that running mileage under my belt quite yet! Well done to you too on completing week 7! 😃

I had a rotten stitch less than 8 minutes before the end so changed feet a bit then it got really bad a minute before I was due to end the run - which I did - phew! 😄.

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