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Didn't think I could do it

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Hi I have just completed week 3 I never thought that I could run for 3 minutes at once but I did it. The first run was hard then I found the 2nd a killer but I chose to run up a hill WHY! The second time it was only the first 3 mins that were hard but today I found it ok I am so happy with myself I am 52 and only recently started going to a gym because of how I feel about myself ,I didn't want to be looked at and laughed at or thats what I thought people would do so I chose a female gym and I love it , so now I have taken the next step and started jogging . I have just looked at week 4 and it terrifies me . Any tips? I usually run after I have been at work which is early afternoon as I start work at 5am .

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Don't worry about week 4, you are doing great and you will find that your body will respond well to the progress you are making, more than you think actually.

Just keep going, slow and steady, aim to complete the run you are doing, nothing else matters at the minute.

Remember to breathe, if you sort your breathing out you will be fine, just plod on, slow down if you need to, adjust your pace to suit the length of time you are running.

Most importantly, just enjoy it.

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I've completed Wk3 and am a bit anxious about the step up in Wk4. However I've worried a bit at the start of every week so have decided to trust in the fact that each week I've managed and when it's felt tough just slowing my pace a little bit (and weirdly relaxing my shoulders) has meant I can do it. This week as well as being anxious I'm also a bit excited as I'm getting to really enjoy meeting the challenge (if not always enjoying the run!). Sounds to me like you'll be fine - if you can brave the gym (something I can't ever imagine doing) you can do this!

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