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I have the runs! W3R2 Done :)

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Hey everyone! It's OK, my tummy's fine, but I'm really starting to enjoy this now. And it wasn't raining.

Being honest, I found the second lot of 3 minutes harder than I expected, but I just eased off my pace a bit, and was fine. I do wish Jo wouldn't do that thing where she comes in a minute early though :) The first time she did it I though "oh wow, that's gone quickly", and actually I was just half way through. Never mind - it made me chuckle, which helps to get me through the run.

The canal towpath was quite busy this morning. Most of the local area were clearly out walking their dogs, and the rest were jogging, clearly they've had the same idea. I wonder if they are doing couch to 5k too?

A little bit of wisdom, not that I'm anything like experienced enough to be wise yet, pushing through, for me at least, is about mindset. Focus on something else rather than the feeling in your legs, don't focus on getting through the next 3 minutes, 5 minutes or whatever, just focus on the next 10 seconds if that's what it takes. And if it's all getting too much, slow down rather than stop.

Right - time for that well earned glass of water. Heated to boiling point. In a kettle. With a tea bag :)

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Yay! Well done. And yes, so much of this is about psychology. And believing in yourself. Good work Neil! 😀

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Haha! Everything's a little bit better with a nice cup of tea! I use everything I can to distract myself, podcasts, audio books, different music every time, anything to stop myself waiting for the next time check and the inevitable gremlin that follows it. Good luck in the coming weeks.

You're doing well, keep going...:)

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