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Not as bad as I thought it was

I had to take the car to the garage this morning so thought I would do that and run back (garage is in the next village along). Not a nice road, a fair amount of traffic and no paths so much diving into hedges was required. Then a run down the valley before a very steep walk up a very rough track. I didn't even think about trying to run it. Having got into walk mode, it took me a while to get around to running again. I guess I ran for a total of about 25 minutes.

It all felt a bit of a cop out until I looked at the Runkeeper report - I had taken 40 minutes and covered over 5K. Which is what I have done on my Parkruns. Though I don't usually do any walking on those. So it wasn't so bad after all. It perhaps indicates that my next Park run might give a better time. Which is encouraging because I'm still struggling with my motivation a bit (a lot). Feeling a bit better now.

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Sheps go you, that's a storming result, especially with hill walking included. Blinking well done, when you next going out? I'm thinking run to collect the car?


You want me to run twice in one day?


Oops I never thought about that side I thought collect it the day after? I'd be a rubbish timekeeper....

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Well done you...all good practice for you :)


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