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Week 4 Run 3

Almost halfway.

As each week progresses, Mr Johnson and I take further steps towards the 30minute goal. As I wrote earlier in the week, I can feel genuine improvement every time I run.

I'm not sure whether I should, but my aim at the end of each week is to, at the very least, begin to make in roads into the expectation of the week to come. The old adage is listen to your body. Mine said-let's see if we can hit double figures today. So run 1 loosened me up, run 2 consolidates, run 3 gets me in the groove and today's run 4 was extended from the requisite 5 minutes to the 8 I'll be running (not attempting any more) on Monday, with a further 2 mins on top for good measure. 10 minute run banked. I made sure I did the 5 min warm down to protect those elderly leg muscles, but a gentle plod for 10 mins has been achieved.

At the end of week 5 I see a straight 20 min run looming. I did 21 today with breaks-weirdly I'm needing those breaks less and less and I believe I will do it.

Tempted now to park run for that Magic 20. Bar code downloaded, venue sourced. Just slightly concerned that I may be a week or two early for that step. We'll see...

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Slow and steady and you are going to be just fine:) Well done!

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