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W2R2 - still going

Should have done this run yesterday morning but lacked motivation .. I put it down to my knee needing an extra days rest! Was a bit worried about doing the run/jog/walk this morning but it started off ok much to my surprise. Around run 2 or 3 the knee started playing up again but with a bit of modification to my steps it got a bit better. Must work on those knee strengthening exercises. Right calf uncomfortable but that's to be expected and should get better with more exercise I think. After week 1 barely being able to run for 60 seconds I am eagerly waiting for the end of 90 seconds but somehow it's not as hard as week 1 was!

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Hi Richard7. Well done on getting to Week 2, especially with some aches and pains there too. I had some problems with my knees early on in the C25K programme and I started doing these exercises as soon as I finished the warm down walk/got home after each run and it helped a great deal.

Good luck for W2, R3 :)


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