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Yes!! - W2R1

Yes!! - W2R1

I plucked up the courage to not hold myself back this morning, I thought about doing another W1 run but I decided not to and went onto week two, and I did it, all of it, no stopping, no skipping any of the runs (despite thinking about it) and pushed myself.

I was in such a grumpy mood this morning, I couldn't find my keys and got myself in a state, but still went out, because I thought I would regret it if I didn't.

Warning: story ahead is a little grim, not that bad but just thought I would share about my blood test.

So I mentioned a few days ago about my blood donation which was done on the fourth, hence why I didn't run yesterday, because I thought better safe than sorry due to what happened.

This was my second donation, and the first time I felt a little faint, but was okay after they laid me back down, this time however was a bit more dramatic.

Still felt faint so they had to lay me back down, which was fine, sat me back up and I thought I was okay, went over to the snack table, and oh boy. I almost fainted? Might have done? I'm not entirely sure, got help, and then proceeded to basically be sick :/ had to lay on the floor and have a fan on me. I had to also get changed into a bright red shirt out of the one I had came in with, you can guess why.

Any how, I'm fine now, but of course that would happen to me XD on the upside I got to talk to a lovely nurse who had similar interests ^_^

Still going to be donating again, and still running, which is good for me because usually I'm chicken and will back out of things, so yay! He's a picture of my red sweaty face :p

Edit - I need to buy some actual trainers, but I have a high arch on my feet, anybody have any recommendations?

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most run shoes are for high arch feet. Sportsdirect have theirs classified thusly 🙂 I got their Karrimor tempo which are cheap but very nice. Go for at least a half size bigger

You should really go to a proper running shop and get your gait analysed so you get the right shoe for you. You can ask to seelast year's models as they will be much cheaper than the current crop

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Well done for getting out there, especially after your blood donation experience! I'm pleased it hasn't put you off, it's such a good thing to do!

I can't help with the trainers as mine are just decathlon jobs but I believe the recommendation is to get a gait analysis done for super-duper fitting trainers. I'm going to do that when I feel a bit braver.

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Listen to misswobble 's advice...

Take it steady after you donation adventures... and be kind to yourself:) Well done you though! You will be back on form very soon!


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