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Week 6 Run 2 YIKES

As I'd expected from reading others posts, Week 6 has certainly not gone easy on me! I'm used to doing my runs somewhere between 5 and 6mph, but this week I've had to slow it down to 4.5mph a few times. That 20 minute run does a great job at building your confidence just to have week 6 knock you back down to size, lol. I've had to take it indoors to the treadmill this week on account of bad weather but I'm hoping to get back out there for w6r3 on Friday! Barely pushed through the second 10 minute interval today so depending on how Friday goes, I'm considering repeating week 6. Anyone else repeated weeks and found it helpful in terms of confidence?? Getting pretty spooked about the upcoming long runs :P

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Quite a few folk find they wish to repeat weeks; but, if you are following the programme as it is intended to be followed, steadily and slowly in a structured way, then there should be no need to repeat.

But, it is your journey and if for whatever reason you do need to repeat, then you do it. Often, ( not always), folk have felt the need, because they have pushed too hard, going too fast and really stretching themselves.

You are doing a good well, but, as the runs get longer, the newly-found running legs start to find their rhythm. So...it is important too, at this stage, to make sure you keep up the core strength and stamina exercises on your rest days... whatever exercises they are. Your body has to keep pace with those legs:) Sometimes we do neglect our strength exercises... !

I have upped my game, as I am still building back up after a spell on the IC. I have a regime that I use, which keeps me going!

If you carry on, taking it gently, there really is no need to be worried about the coming weeks... the programme will take you all the way to the podium... I graduated the week before Christmas in 2015...the only time I did not run outside, was if it was icy... so if you can, keep it outside:)

Take it gently. do not worry about speed or distance and wait for those legs to find your own personal happy pace...you can do this:)

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Have faith in the programme, it does work, just take your time, I found week 6 quite tough but managed wk 7 much better, remember the thought that wk5 r3 was going to be impossible, but it wasn't! Don't let the gremlins of doubt make you go back!


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