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After w7 struggle, much better start to week 8

Did my first 28min run this morning and it was the first run I have truly enjoyed. Even had enough energy left for a mini sprint in the last minute! All despite a fall that could have been serious but luckily wasn't - I tripped over a hidden tree root but the ground was covered in pine needles which really cushioned the fall! 😱 I picked myself up and ran out of the wooded area to finish on the footpath (that'll teach me to stray from the set paths!) Last run of my holiday so I'm really happy that it went so much better than the last one! Happy running everyone 😊

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Phew.... tree roots are pesky, and sneaky... I think they are in league with the gremlins!

Well done you! Glad you had a lovely last holiday run:)

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Shame about the trip but thank goodness you got away with it and well done on the run

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