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Evening Running

Well first evening run after work (first of many if I'm to complete this thing) now term had started again. No too bad - thought I might be more tired but it was fine and good for 'downloading' some of the work crap.

WK 2 seems to be treating me well but concerned I'm not running very fast (though think my heart and lungs would disagree!). Covering about 3.5k in the time - does this seem ok?

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Don't worry about how far your running or what speed your doing at the moment for now it's about actually running for the time required and Oldfloss will tell you slow and steady is the way.

Keep doing what your doing!


Don't worry about speed or distance at the moment. Just go at a comfortable pace. It's tiny steps at the beginning. As you go through you'll notice that breathing becomes much easier-the plan is developed to allow you to grow into running for periods of time.


You only need run very slowly. No need to bother about anything but finishing each session

Have fun 🙂


Forget time or distance... just run the runs... slow and steady and just enjoy this wonderful journey!

This is your journey... let everything go.... everything... and do not even think about how anyone else runs their journey.. :)

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