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5k pacer app

Hello guys it's been about six weeks since I graduated and I have been plodding along with 3 runs a week.

Running 5k in around 40mins.

I'm disappointed as I can't get any faster.

So this week Iv downloaded 5k pacer app not sure what it entails but i feel I need some guidance again.

Has anyone else used the 5k pacer ?

Happy running

Here's the full series of c25k weekly vlog


Life after c25k


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Well done... and my suggestion for getting faster would be doing intervals, which are also great fun. I use the Speed podcast and also this : runnersworld.com/peak-perfo... Here is my post from ages ago that proves it too: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...


Iv just read the article and it sounds good.

I'm hoping the 5k pacer app is a similar programmes.

If it's not I will look at the speed podcast.

By the way I love your graph and the use of coloured pens 😊

Thanks for the advice xx

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Have you tried parkrun?

Most people find parkrun will bring out their best.

If you are going out every run in attempt to run a faster 5k then you are going about it in completely the wrong way. Have a look at this runnersworld.co.uk/rws-trai... It will show you what sort of pace you should be adopting for each type of run encountered in the average training plan.

Most new runners spend too much time trying to run fast, when they would benefit more from slower runs. Personally, I believe that to run a faster 5k it is beneficial to learn to run further.

Don't be disappointed in yourself. Every runner has to accept, performance wise, that they are where they are and devise the plan to improve. This can fluctuate, for all of us, with your general condition or as a result of injury. Maybe you have expectations that are beyond your physical abilities, although I do believe with good training and hard work we can all improve specific targets when we really want to.

Don't concentrate on speed alone. Keep running, keep smiling.


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