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Week 9 and beyond cream crackered update

Week 9 and beyond cream crackered update

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Delboys on the road again ,wearing different clothes again {sure there's a song in there } lol . Anyway folks , after what has pretty much been a horrible 8 weeks i got my first come back run done and as the pic shows it was a real struggle or was it ? To be truthful i found the whole run a struggle , as all the red will indicate , but does it really tell the whole story ? I set out to do 3k or 30 minutes , whichever came first doing 6 blocks of 5 minutes . the 3k came first at 26min 19sec and that was the real shock for me , as my best 3k time before injuries was 23min , so have only dropped 3 minutes off best time . i can see by my heart rate that i had to work really hard for the last kilometre at pretty much 155bpm , near enough my maximum level , running and feeling like a demented chimp . But and it is a BIG BUT , i'm very happy with tonight , because 6 months ago i couldn't do 3k at any bpm let alone 155bpm . So while i lost a bit of condition during these 8 weeks i have some how managed to store enough stamina to have got me through it . Knees seem to have held up ok and my tendon seems ok at moment , but will see how that feels tomorrow, my achillies which gave no trouble either . They say trouble comes in threes , well i have had 3 injuries within days of each other and after 8 weeks i think ive paid my dues . rest day tuesday hopefully wednesday will go well too .

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Great come back runner! 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻


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