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W5 R2 - Done #inlauraItrust

Got to say as I lay in bed this morning listening to the Thunder, and regretting that I had spent 10 hours in my car yesterday going to and from a meeting in Manchester - I was not looking forward to todays run. How the hell was I supposed to run for 8 minutes twice, after getting out of the car feeling like a cripple yesterday. But when I got up at 6 - the storm had passed by without any rain - the air was warm, and the sun was just coming up over the stubble fields - so thought - no extra rest day - get out of the house and get your feet on the road. Switched on the podcast and it was great to be stretching out my legs. Weirdly the first run is always the hardest - and there were a few times that in a past life I would have stopped - as I was too heavy legged and tired, but as I had the previous weeks progression to fall back on - I believed that I could keep on going without keeling over, and by the end of the second run - I even upped my pace (not sure it was discernible to the naked eye - but I knew, and the snails that had passed me earlier were soon in my dust). Great feeling doing this - as everything was against me when I got up.

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Gutsy and those snails are really miffed.....


Well done for getting out there and just cracking on. Sometimes the best runs or the ones that feel the best are when we wouldn't expect!


Hi RunForestR, Well done to you on W5 R2.😊

The reason the first run is the hardest is called 'the toxic ten'...its the same for all of us and the reason we always say take the start of your run REALLY slow and steady...

You can read about it on the pinned posts below if you are interested.

Good luck with W5 R3.. and don't worry you will be able to do it😊...


As Bluebirdrunner says.. those ten minutes... eeek... But you did brilliantly... taking at your own pace, and letting those running legs find their way!

Wonderful run!

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