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2 week break from running while on holiday

Hi all,

I've not run for the past 2 weeks as I was on holiday. I'm now hoping to get back into it but wonder whether I'll be able to carry on from where I left off or should I try a shorter run. I'd got up to the beginning of week 6. Any tips/ suggestions/ personal experiences of post-holiday running would be much appreciated.

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You will have lost little condition in that time, you could either go back to the last run you completed or try W6R1, which is theoretically easier than W5R3.

If you don't complete a run, you can drop back. You won't know until you try.


Just head out.. a gentle jogette a la Irishprincess ... take it steady and slow and just enjoy feeling your running legs again:)

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Try W6R1 at a gentle pace, really focus on how it makes you feel. If it's good, you're good, if it's not, you know to go back one or two runs. It for sure isn't worth pushing yourself so hard you injure yourself... this is a long haul running flight, you want to glide, not a Ryanair flight, all nasty and bumpy!!!


I've also had 2 weeks away, no running but plenty of walking and some swimming. I'd just completed B2 10K before going away. Will be up at 6am tomorrow and will try to get back into the old routine again. I'll see what happens!


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