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Couch to 5K
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I've found my 5K route goal

So even at the tender stage of W2 I like to set myself goals to achieve.

Today I found the 5K route I would ultimately like to conquer.

I go out walking our two dogs each day and since C25K they don't know what has hit them as they have 2.5km walk every evening and on my running rest days they also have between 3-5km at lunch (We live in the countryside and I work from home).

Today at lunch I decided to experiment with the route and tack it as usual on Endomondo. Pretty much exactly 5km.

But this is why I started with 'ultimately' like to 'conquer'......

It's up a hill, down the side, back to the top, down the far side, back to the top and then down.

Not really steep just that never ending incline :)

Goal set.

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Great stuff... off you go then :)


Few more weeks of C25K before that will happen :)


Well done on working out that particular goal. Now you know what it is you want to do at the right time. Good luck pursuing it...

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