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Couch to 5K
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Went for 5k only managed 3k :-(

Set off for my usual 5k was doing well, running to my pace of 6.00k was just over by 0.02 per k

Was feeling really well and enjoying myself, yes I was pushing but no more than normal then at 3k it all went wrong and I ended up over a fence being rather sick and then had a 2k walk home, not good, got home and the wife wasn't too good so might have been tea.

Mushroom Soup and bread

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Did you leave a decent amount of time after eating? Otherwise the mushroom soup was sloshing around in your tummy? Also you were probably running too fast.

Try leaving at least an hour after eating a light meal, don't drink too much water and slow down.

But at least you got 3K done. Good for you 🙂


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