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Slow and steady

No PB at this weeks Parkrun but I was ready to walk after the first k or so as my shins were sore. Just as I slowed to a fast walk, the legend at our Parkrun that is 79 year Jim gave me some encouragement and I picked up the pace again. By halfway round my legs were fatigued and I was ready to give up when I heard Oldfloss in my ear saying 'slow and steady' and by the third k I felt lighter on my feet and felt good cardio-wise. The last few hundred metres of our run are up an incline of about 30% and I was feeling so good I actually sprinted to the finish line! That is worth more to me than any PB so I thank you Oldfloss for guiding me through. Cheers πŸ‘πŸ»

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Make sure you stretch every day and not just after each run. Foam roller your shins too. But check YouTube for the correct way to do this.

And well done on the run!

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Lots of stretching after your run - if I don't stretch out properly my shin splints give me hell!

I've done four parkruns now. Each week I've got consecutively slower! Won't stop me doing them though!

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