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Week 1 run 3 done - third time lucky!

Hi all,

After 2 previous failed attempts (giving up due to a variety of rubbish reasons!), I've finally managed to complete all 3 week 1 runs in a week (Mon, Thurs, Sat).

I'm feeling very pleased with myself, but pretty anxious about how I'm going to manage increasing my run times. I'm unfit, overweight and have arthritis! I did a lot of research before I started about how to protect my knee when running, so I'm now spending more mental energy focusing on my posture and foot placement! So far, so good.

I just wanted to check in with the hope that coming on here will keep me motivated. It's good to read about so many people doing well.

Lise :)

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Hey, you have done the hard bit by getting out there, if you take it slow and steady and follow the programme you will do this, keep posting as you progress , there's lots of amazing experienced people on here to help you, best of luck. 😁


Very well done...just keep it very slow and steady, and listen to your body...it will give you the best advice:)

Keep posting for support and tips to help you on this amazing journey!


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